Our Story

Recycle to combat the global wastage

Every year, we humans are generating over 2 billion tons of waste globally and what is even more terrifying is that how fast this is growing without people realizing the severe consequences that are just right around the corner.

Our founders Mohit & Ismail realized that the root cause of this problem is Us – The consumers. And to solve the problem we need to change the consumer behavior. 

Recykli is the first exclusive marketplace dedicated to recycled products. If we could cater consumer needs using recycled and sustainable materials, then we shall be able to minimize the global wastage by a significant fraction. There is a desperate need of a global recycling economy and we have just taken our first step towards making it a reality. 

Our Vision

To make recycling a habit not necessity 

We want to create a global ecosystem for recycled economy by connecting all stakeholders in a single network. All together we shall fight the global waste management crisis and create a sustainable future for the next generations.

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