Hip bag JUNO in grey denim look, sustainable accessoires, upcycled fashion

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Item Overview

  • Handmade item

  • Materials used: upcycled, second-hand coat and jacket (inside fabric 100% polyester, outside fabric 35% cotton and 65% polyester); recycled zipper of a worn-out handbag; fabric leftovers (synthetic leather)

  • Dimensions: approximately 30×14 cm

  • Hand wash only

  • Delivers from Hamburg, Germany

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Meet JUNO!

Stylish and practical individualist is looking for you for daily adventures on this beautiful planet. JUNO is unique, almost entirely made of recycled materials in a beautiful denim look. JUNO is preferably worn around the belly or quite casually over the shoulder. She offers plenty of storage for the most important and valuable things on the go. In return, she wants to be with you every time you go out. She loves clubbing and festivals, and is the perfect companion for a stroll in nature or during a city walk. JUNO is there for every little adventure life has in store for you. Interested in spending some time with JUNO?


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Additional information

Dimensions30 × 14 cm