Loop scarf FRANKIE, crochet scarf in rainbow colours, made from recycled yarn

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Item Overview

  • Handmade item

  • Materials used: recycled, second-hand yarn (100% acrylic)

  • Dimensions: length 120 cm, width 25cm 

  • Delivers worldwide from Hamburg, Germany

  • Machine wash at 40° Celsius

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Colourful, bright and warming winter lover is looking for cuddly hours for two. FRANKIE is very special because he is unique and made entirely of recycled materials. He prefers to be worn around the neck and can adapt to any outfit that fit his rainbow colours. FRANKIE not only gives you warmth on cold autumn and winter days, he is also a real eye-catcher with his beautiful, crochet pattern, which will really attract everyone’s attention. Fancy cuddly and special moments with FRANKIE?


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Additional information

Dimensions120 × 25 cm