Screen print PENG, eco-friendly mini-poster, limited edition, sustainable print, handmade print

15,99 (Inc. VAT)

Item Overview

  • Handmade item

  • Materials used: recycled natural paper, water-based screen printing ink, reinforced back made from recycled cardboard

  • Dimensions: 19×9 cm

  • Delivers from Hamburg, Germany

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Meet PENG!

Nature-loving, tree-hugging and down-to-earth attention lover is looking for a new home that he can illuminate with his beautiful motif. PENG brings a piece of nature and forest life to your home, be it a city apartment or a country house. He shows the tall branches of an old tree in southern Laos and radiates its powerful and calm energy with his green and blue colours. PENG is very special, partly made of recycled materials, and therefore only available as a limited edition. Each image is slightly different because PENG is hand-printed. He feels at home anywhere, and you can place him in the living room, in the kitchen, or in the hallway. Fancy spending some grounded hours with PENG?

PENG will be delivered without a picture frame or similar.


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Additional information

Dimensions19 × 9 cm