Yoga Set Cork Mat Mercur 2.0 + 2 Blocks Pluto White at the promotional price only as long as the stock lasts practically for beginners and professionals

85,00 (Inc. VAT)

Non-polluting vegan yoga mat made of cork & rubber + 2 x yoga blocks made of cork at a discounted price.


Mat size: 183 cm x 65 cm
Thickness of the mat: about 5 mm

The cork mat remains non-slip even in high humidity due to the cork surface and retains its optimum grip.
The yoga mat is free of pollutants and antiallergen.
Despite its high quality, the mat is light and can be transported without much effort.
The yoga mat is a natural product produced in the EU.
The mat is PETA-approved, i.e. vegan.

Very easy mat

The cork mat can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth.
Thanks to the supplied tape, the mat can be quickly and easily rolled up and stored compactly.
The touch feeling of the mat is super pleasant.

Size of one block: 22.7 cm x 12 cm x 7.5 cm
The cork block remains non-slip even under high humidity and retains its optimum grip.
The cork block is free of pollutants and antiallergens.
Supports all yoga exercises and is very easy to transport.
The Yoga Block is a natural product produced in the EU.
The block is PETA-approved, i.e. vegan.

Cork is a renewable raw material. During harvesting, only the cork bark is peeled off the tree. As a result, the tree lives on and does not take any damage. The processing of cork does not produce waste, as residues are pressed and can be easily taken for other products. With our yoga products you can do everything right and avoid support plastic waste and toxic products.